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Product Product not sold any more Hot water storage tanks

Hot water storage tanks

Logalux SU160-1000, ST160-300, LT 135-300, L 135-200

suitable to connect with Buderus wall-hung boilers and Floor-standing boilers, produce and store hot wat


  • Logalux SU160-1000, ST160-300, LT135-300, L135-200
  • 135 ~ 1000 L

Technical Characteristic:

  • Corrosion-protected by using Duoclean MKT® and magnesium anode, easy to clean;
  • Smooth, hygienic and bacterial unhesitatingly surface on calorifier exchanger, calorifier comfort to Germany standard;
  • Low standby losses because of high efficient rigid foam insulation;
  • Manual hole is available for easy cleaning or combination with electric heating (SU).
G134& G125