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Product Gas atmospheric floor-standing cast iron boilers

Gas atmospheric floor-standing cast iron boilers

Logano G334

suitable for villa individual heating (G334)


  • 71 ~ 130 kW
  • Logano G334

Technical Characteristic:

  • Atmospheric burner with 100% pre-mixed, quiet burnning; suitable to install in crowded downtown area;
  • Heating surface designed by computer, thoroughly enhance heat exchange, increase heat efficiency;
  • Cast iron section is composed by high quality GL180M cast iron;
  • Special cast iron: special surface can resist damage from condensing water and flue to boilers;
  • Outdoor temperature compensation and mutiboilers system can be achieved by controller;
  • Burner is tear-resistant, less maintenance;
  • Insulation material of 80mm, less radiating loss.
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